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Visit one of the top-10 hotlist European destinations by Lonely Planet! Use unique opportunity to run through wine cellars and discover our secular forests. Do not forget to try our wine and cuisine. Explore the rural beauty of villages and the secret of cliff-perched monasteries. Visit Moldova!
27.10.2017 - Sprint
28.10.2017 - SuperSprint
Cricova (wine cellars)
29.10.2017 - Middle

Autumn Weather

In October, average temperature is +11°C in the South and +8°C in the North. The end of the month can be characterized by frequent rains or even the formation of the first layer of snow which usually melts quickly. The most dangerous meteorological phenomenon of this month is frosting, which can be signaled almost every year.

Wine tasting

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M14, W14, M18, W18, M21E, W21E, M21A, W21A, M35, W35, M40, W40, M45, W45, M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75, Novici
Deadline: 20th October 2017
Entry Fees
The entry fee including all three starts with tasting wine - 30 EUR for classes M/W 21-75 (just for first 90 persons).
The entry fee including all three starts - 15 EUR for classes M/W 21-75 (or 7 EUR/start).
The entry fee including all three starts - 10 EUR for classes M/W 14-18 (or 4 EUR/start)
Coordinates for each start will be later
Follow this link
contact person Ana Marusceac
Payments can be done at the place of competition or by credit card (bank account will be provided later)
The results will be upload on this page at the end of the competition

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Sprint Day
Sprint Day


12.00-14.00 - Registration 14.30 - Opening ceremony 15.00 - Start Sprint distance 18.00 - Awarding ceremony

    SuperSprint Day
    SuperSprint Day


    13.00-14.00 - Registration 15.00 - Start SuperSprint 17.30 - Awarding ceremony 18.00 - Wine Tasting

      Middle Day
      Middle Day


      08.30-10.00 - Registration 11.00 - Start Middle distance 15.00 - Awarding ceremony 15.30 - Closing ceremoy

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