Welcome to MMOC 2018

As we told last year, we want this competition to become an annual tradition, where at the end of autumn Moldova will be visited by many orienteers from all around the world, from all ages. We kept our words! We are pleased to invite you at Moldavian Masters Orienteering Cup 2nd edition. In order to fully feel the taste of the Moldavian autumn, the program was extended from 3 to 5 days. We hope to have guests from as many country as is possible, to visit this paradise country in south east of Europe. So, come to lost in wine cellars, escape in Moldavian forests!
25.10.2018 - Sprint Village
26.10.2018 - Sprint Park
26.10.2018 - Underground race
27.10.2018 - Long Cricova (wine cellars)
28.10.2018 - Middle Condrita

Countries present at MMOC 2018:

United Kingdom

Autumn Weather

In October, average temperature is +11°C in the South and +8°C in the North. The end of the month can be characterized by frequent rains or even the formation of the first layer of snow which usually melts quickly. The most dangerous meteorological phenomenon of this month is frosting, which can be signaled almost every year.


More information

M12, W12, M14, W14, M16, W16, M18, W18, M20, W20, M21E, W21E, M21A, W21A, M35, W35, M40, W40, M45, W45, M50, W50, M55, W55, M60, W60, M65, W65, M70, W70, M75, W75, Begginer, Open
Entry Fees
Until 19.08.2018: 15EUR for classes Open, Beginners, M/W12; 25EUR for classes M/W 14, 16, 18, 20; 35EUR for classes from M/W21 to M/W75
Clubul Sportiv GALATA (Sport Club GALATA) IBAN: MD34ML000000022516341996 BC MOLDINDCONBANK S.A. SWIFT: MOLDMD2X Adress: bd. Dacia 75, Chisinau, MD2026, Republic of Moldova
7-10 EURO/night in hostel with chitcken in Chisinau (near city center). If you need more information send an email at club@galata.md
Punching system
The SportIdent punching system will be used in all stages. If you have not your own Si-card, you can rent it from the organizers – 1 EURO / per stage.
Organizers will provide transport for underground race in Cricova, for free. Just one way: after party

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Email: club@galata.md
Phone: + 373 (60) 84 66 39

Andrei Golovei
Event director andrei.golovei@gmail.com
Vladimir Cabîș
Tatiana Baculina
course setter secretary